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On 07.03.2014 14:43, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Thu,  6 Mar 2014 21:45, lrn1986 at said:
>>> Building on Windows is not supported.
>> Could you please clarify that statement?
> It _cannot_ be build *on* Windows but it _can_ be build *to be used
> on* Windows.
>> Is libgcrypt completely "not for Windows" (previously i thought 
>> that
>> Or do you mean that the use of POSIX environments for building 
>> libgcrypt on Windows is not supported?
> Either you have a POSIX system or Windows.  If you run a POSIX 
> systems on top of Windows you have a POSIX systems and thus you 
> should be able to build Libgcrypt.

That covers MSYS/Cygwin, since they ARE POSIX.
This change affects autoconf macros, and on, scratch that...on
POSIX they are used by stuff running under POSIX (which, in our case,
is Cygwin or MSYS). I don't see a problem here. We always assume that
autotools == POSIX system or a POSIX layer on top of non-POSIX system.

You can (obviously) use autotools to build things other than
libgcrypt, and you do this on POSIX (which could be a compatibility
layer). And you might want to be able to substitute stock POSIX tools,
or alter their invocation somehow (i do that to the STRIP tool every
time i build something), when building stuff on POSIX and configuring
using the macros libgcrypt provides.

I fail to see any problem with this (other than maybe a
misunderstanding about what "on Windows" means for people who build
free software packages VS what it means for you personally).

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