Parameters/gcryctl to digest algorithms?

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Mar 25 13:11:02 CET 2014

On Tue, 25 Mar 2014 08:20, dbaryshkov at said:

> I'm adding 10 more, and there might be even more in future. I planned
> to use gcry_cipher_ctl to select s-box for the symmetric cipher.
> Is it a suitable solution?

I would agree to ctl codes if they are used to install S-boxes from the
applications.  However, that raises a couple of other problems and I
doubt that this is a save on memory or cycles.  Also you would need two
identifiers to select a particular algorithm.

> gcry_md_ctl to select s-box? I'm particularly concerned about
> MAC algorithms, because there I would need one algo number
> for each 34.11-94 S-BOX (there are 2 currently, 1 being

What is the problems. We have at least 65535 algorithm numbers and if we
take advantage of the used int and the requirement for a 32 bit platform
there are actually 2^31 algorithm ids.  Where do you see the problems?

You need more reserved space?  Would 0x400 .. 0x4ff be enough?  After
all the s-boxes needs to be part of the code.  I also believe that we
should only add s-boxes which are in real use or expected to be used

Obviously it does not make sense to have a macro for each variant but a
specification which reserves a range along with a base id does the job.
Switch statements listing all algorithms would only list the base ID
and the compiler would be happy.

The only overhead I can see is that looking up the algorithm is a tiny
bit slower - but that is invisible compared to the actual cycles the
ciphers burn.

Now, if the design of the cipher considers s-boxes similar to a key, we
need to account for that and add an API to install an s-box into a
cipher context.

> much to clobber algo space, thus I'd like to use
> gcry_mac_ctl at least for "imitiovstavka" MAC algo.

I see no reason why we should not do the same with MAC algos.  Now it
is still time to somehow sync the MAC algo numbers with the Hash algo



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