[PATCH v4 1/7] SP800-90A Deterministic Random Bit Generator

Stephan Mueller smueller at chronox.de
Thu Mar 27 21:25:15 CET 2014

Changes v4:

 * change default value returned by drbg_sec_strength to be the maximum entropy
   defined by SP800-90A to catch erroneous invocations of the function.
 * Make return of drbg_fips_continuous_test cleaner as suggested by
   Clemens Ladisch
 * Fix comments on how to invoke the DRBG at the beginning of the file
 * drbg_ctr_df: replace the for loop for calculation of padlen that used to
   call up to 16 modulo operations with one modulo operation
 * drbg_ctr_df: replace plain integer values with sizeof() to make code clearer
 * drbg_hash_hashgen: replace memset() on drbg->scratchpad with memset()
   on src/dst pointers to make code clearer
 * as recommended by Peter Waltenberg: add re-invocation of self tests as
   required by 11.3.3 -- the tests are commented out because they make no
   mathematical sense. However, if a FIPS 140-2 validation requires these
   tests, the code just needs to be activated.
 * as recommended by Peter Waltenberg: add error path tests as required by
   11.3.2 -- see new function of drbg_healthcheck_sanity
 * add debug prints
 * as recommended by Peter Waltenberg: add drbg_generate_long to generate
   arbitrary long strings
 * add self test on failing entropy source
 * catch error when no random numbers can be generated
 * perform drbg_healthcheck_sanity only in FIPS mode

Signed-off-by: Stephan Mueller <smueller at chronox.de>

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