Patch to fix libgcrypt and KeepassX issue on FreeBSD

Carlos J Puga Medina cpm at
Thu Nov 26 10:37:29 CET 2015

Hi people,

The following patch fixes a current problem on FreeBSD. Please, can
someone commit it for the next libgcrypt release?

--- cipher/	2015-09-08 06:32:11 UTC
+++ cipher/
@@ -818,13 +818,19 @@ uninstall-am:
 	tags tags-am uninstall uninstall-am
-# We need to lower the optimization for this module.
+# We need to lower the optimization for these modules.
 tiger.o: $(srcdir)/tiger.c
 	`echo $(COMPILE) -c $(srcdir)/tiger.c | $(o_flag_munging) `
 tiger.lo: $(srcdir)/tiger.c
 	`echo $(LTCOMPILE) -c $(srcdir)/tiger.c | $(o_flag_munging) `
+salsa20.o: $(srcdir)/salsa20.c
+	`echo $(COMPILE) -c $(srcdir)/salsa20.c | $(o_flag_munging) `
+salsa20.lo: $(srcdir)/salsa20.c
+	`echo $(LTCOMPILE) -c $(srcdir)/salsa20.c | $(o_flag_munging)
 # Tell versions [3.59,3.63) of GNU make to not export all variables.
 # Otherwise a system limit (for SysV at least) may be exceeded.

See bug 204323 for further details:

Kind regards,
Carlos Jacobo Puga Medina <cpm at>
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