Determine interest: AES with IGE mode?

Ben Wiederhake ben.wiederhake at
Mon Sep 28 23:30:42 CEST 2015


Am 28.09.2015 um 17:14 schrieb Ben Wiederhake:
> Personally, I now have the choice between implementing it only for
> libtgl, or implementing it for libgcrypt.

I have finished a public domain implementation that we will use for libtgl:

> IGE mode is well explained in the (non-OpenSSL licensed) documentation
> from OpenSSL about that mode [1], and a bit more mathematically detailed
> in the original paper [2] (especially page 16), so:
> - it is easily possible to implement it in not too many lines of code.

Please notice that most code of the gist file is for testing.
Only roughly 80 SLOC contribute to the actual functionality:
'do_ige_{en,de}crypt' and 'exposed_aes_ige_encrypt'

> - there are definitely no conflicts with the GPL here, as there is no
> OpenSSL-licensed resource involved at all.

Just wanted to emphasize that.

> Is there any interest in having AES-IGE in libgcrypt?

Also that.

With regards,
Ben Wiederhake

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