Computer Science bachelor degree thesis on Libgcrypt

Marcio Barbado, Jr. marcio.barbado at
Tue Dec 20 15:57:46 CET 2016

I'm a computer science student from Brazil, and a long time user of 

In 2017 -- last year for completion of my bachelor degree, my group is 
supposed to start working on a thesis, which should include algorithmic 
code development.

After some months considering what we could do, "trying to help the 
GnuPG community" emerged as a worthy idea, so we're now reading the "The 
Ligbgcrypt Reference Manual" document in order to understand it better.

Also, we're questioning how feasible that idea is for us to accomplish. 
And from such considerations, we first thought of analyzing eventual 
Libgcrypt bug tracking entries, or something like that.

But even before that, we would like to know what you Libgcrypt people 
think of all this.

Regards, and happy birthday, GnuPG!

Marcio Barbado, Jr.

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