Deterministic key generation from Deterministic Random Bit Generator

Alexandre Pujol alexandre at
Fri Jun 10 20:48:01 CEST 2016

Hi all,

For a research project (and therefore for research purpose only), I need
to generate an ECC key pair in a deterministic way.

I don’t plan to change the key generation algorithm, I just want to
force the use of an deterministic random bit generator in order to
always get the same DRBG output for a given seed.

I have some problems in the implementation using libgrypt.

The source code in libgrypt (random/random-drbg.c, tests/random.c)
explain how to use DRBG with a personalization string. However according
to the NIST ([1] p18) I also need to personalize the nonce and the
entropy input to generate a seed. But in libgrypt, it seems there is no
way to set them.

Does libgrcypt is able to do that? If not what would be the amount of
changes to make in libgrypt to achieve this goal.

Thanks in advance,


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