dladdr() in fips.c and --enable-hmac-binary-check and --enable-static

Burt Silverman burts at us.ibm.com
Fri Mar 18 02:09:39 CET 2016

One of our team members decided that he needed to create a program binary
using static libraries, and he also decided to use the
--enable-hmac-binary-check option. This combination of configure options
will not work, because it exposes the dladdr() function call, and the
dladdr() function is incompatible with static libraries. My teammate's
initial problem was that dladdr() was not found. He thought he could solve
the issue by linking in -ldl. That solved his build problem, and I had to
point out to him that his solution will fail at run time.

Can you eliminate the use of dladdr(), or come up with something that is
less likely to trip up a novice? Perhaps it is ridiculous for him to be
building a static library, but the configure.ac does not prevent him from
doing that. Honestly, his own autoconf/automake files apparently have some
bug that led him to consider static libraries. But those files are owned by
a different company, so there are non-technical hurdles involved.

What can you do or recommend? Thank you, Werner.

Burt Silverman
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