Howto implement chacha20-poly1305?

Dmitry Eremin-Solenikov dbaryshkov at
Mon Nov 28 21:19:32 CET 2016


2016-11-28 17:32 GMT+03:00 Stef Bon <stefbon at>:
> I;m writing a fuse sftp client, and not making use of openssh (like
> sshfs does). I'm writing all required procedures and functions to do
> the negotiation and encryption myself, using libgcrypt.
> This works already very good.
> It basically uses simple encryption like 3des and blowfish and aes,
> and mac like hmac-sha1 en hmac-sha256.
> Now I want also support for newer algo's like chacha20-poly1305 and
> poly1305-AES.

Would gcry_cipher_open(&hd, GCRY_CIPHER_CHACHA20,
  GCRY_CIPHER_MODE_POLY1305, 0) work for you?

Then use gcry_cipher_gettag/gcry_cipher_checktag for retrieving/checking

It is an AEAD cipher mode, so there is no separate encryption and separate

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