[PATCH] Add ARMv8/AArch64 implementation of chacha20

Jussi Kivilinna jussi.kivilinna at iki.fi
Sat Aug 12 09:11:07 CEST 2017

On 07.08.2017 17:52, Werner Koch wrote:
> On Sun,  6 Aug 2017 14:09, jussi.kivilinna at iki.fi said:
>> Patch adds ARMv8/AArch64 SIMD implementation based on public domain
>> ARMv7/NEON implementation by Andrew Moon at:
>>   https://github.com/floodyberry/chacha-opt
> Can you please contact the author and ask to clarify the license?  I
> only found this in the README:
>   Public Domain. or MIT
> This is not sufficient.  We need to know who has put this into the PD.
> There are several MIT licenses.  We need to know which one.  And also
> the copyright holder.

I've sent author e-mail on this issue, and now waiting for reply.


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