gcry_sexp_nth_data and gcry_pk_decrypt

Ahmad Fatoum ahmad at a3f.at
Fri Aug 18 03:10:44 CEST 2017

Hello everyone,

I am wondering whether following snippet is correct:

        rc = gcry_sexp_build(&s_data, NULL, "(enc-val(rsa(a%b)))", (int)len, (char*)data);
	assert(rc == 0);
        rc = gcry_pk_decrypt(&s_plain, s_data, pk);
	assert(rc == 0);
	const char *decr = gcry_sexp_nth_data(s_plain, 0, &decr_len);
        /* do something with the plaintext in decr */

It seems to work, but there has been doubt whether accessing the plaintext with gcry_sexp_nth_data and index 0
is always guaranteed to work (No endianness issues for example):

Help would be appreciated. Thanks.


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