new test suite failure

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Mon Dec 18 07:32:06 CET 2017

Andreas Radke <andreas.radke at> wrote:
> While trying to build the new 1.8.2 release the test suite fails here:
> t-secmem: line 176: gcry_control (GCRYCTL_INIT_SECMEM, pool_size, 0) failed: General error
> FAIL: t-secmem
> PASS: mpitests
> t-sexp: line 1174: gcry_control (GCRYCTL_INIT_SECMEM, 16384, 0) failed: General error
> FAIL: t-sexp
> I couldn't find some test log file. Last version 1.8.1 built well here. Any idea?

I put some changes for secmem.  For those patches of mine, it builds
successfully on Debian:

   All good.

   All good, so far.  Not yet: kfreebsd-amd64, kfreebsd-i386, powerpcspe 

I wonder what's your environment.

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