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If you have a machine, you can build libgcrypt and do "make check" to
run those tests.  Attached is an example output of "make check".  You
can have a look and see what kinds of tests are there.

"Marcio Barbado, Jr." <marcio.barbado at> wrote:
> * well, given all of the recent buzz around SHA-1 collision, we're 
> considering tests among the substitution candidates (eg: BLAKE2, SHA-256 
> and SHA-3).
> So, concerning those tests, we have some questions like: are there any 
> architectures and/or contexts on which new benchmarks could be helpful 
> at this moment?

For hash functions, we have libgcrypt/tests/hashtest.c and md_bench
function in libgcrypt/tests/benchmark.c.  Please have a look.

We have those tests, basically to detect regression (for correctness and
for performance), during our development [0].  Usually, we add tests
based on existing test vectors for each algorithm [1].  We add tests
based on bug reports, and write benchmark to measure performance.

Well, what do you intend for your new benchmarks?

Please note that this is the development mailing list, the major purpose
is not for education.  While we welcome questions about libgcrypt
implementation and contribution to the development and you can learn by
joining discussion, we can't answer question like what kind of study
could be done by you.  We don't know that.  I think you should ask your


Hope this helps,
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