[git] GCRYPT - branch, master, updated. libgcrypt-1.8.1-21-g621f5c4

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Tue Nov 14 01:01:03 CET 2017


Thank you for useful information.

Andreas Metzler <ametzler at bebt.de> wrote:
> This causes the following error on mingw:
> ../../tests/t-secmem.c: In function 'main':
> ../../tests/t-secmem.c:126:16: warning: implicit declaration of function 'getpagesize' [-Wimplicit-function-declaration]
>    pgsize_val = getpagesize ();
>                 ^~~~~~~~~~~
> I have googled  a little bit and found that gnulib's getpagesize.m4
> has this comment:
>   dnl mingw has getpagesize() in libgcc.a but doesn't declare it.
> And indeed it seems to be true, AC_CHECK_FUNCS succeeds but

Ah, I see.

For t-secmem.c, I tried to follow the way secmem.c does.  But, t-secmem
routine doesn't check HAVE_MMAP.

While MinGW has its own peculiarities, we don't need to check all of
them.  I think that it is better to use HAVE_MMAP which is already

I'll do that (for both of 1.8 and master).

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