[PATCH] Add ARMv8/AArch64 implementation of chacha20

Jussi Kivilinna jussi.kivilinna at iki.fi
Sat Jan 6 18:59:39 CET 2018

On 12.08.2017 10:11, Jussi Kivilinna wrote:
> On 07.08.2017 17:52, Werner Koch wrote:
>> On Sun,  6 Aug 2017 14:09, jussi.kivilinna at iki.fi said:
>>> Patch adds ARMv8/AArch64 SIMD implementation based on public domain
>>> ARMv7/NEON implementation by Andrew Moon at:
>>>   https://github.com/floodyberry/chacha-opt
>> Can you please contact the author and ask to clarify the license?  I
>> only found this in the README:
>>   Public Domain. or MIT
>> This is not sufficient.  We need to know who has put this into the PD.
>> There are several MIT licenses.  We need to know which one.  And also
>> the copyright holder.
> I've sent author e-mail on this issue, and now waiting for reply.

I tried to contact author with email and through github but have not
got any response so far. 

I've prepared new implementations of poly1305 and chacha20 to replace
existing ones that are based on source on Andrew Moon's github
repositories. I'll send those to mailing list next.


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