Error with gcry_mpi_release with opaque value.

Stef Bon stefbon at
Thu Jun 28 13:17:34 CEST 2018

Op do 28 jun. 2018 om 09:18 schreef Werner Koch <wk at>:

> SIZE <= LEN ?

Sorry for the misunderstanding. size=len. I should have typed len instead.

> Either you free BUFFER which you may not do because gcry_mpi_set_opaque
> takes ownership of BUFFER or, more likely, you have not setup memory
> allocation functions which map to standard malloc.  Libgcrypt uses its
> own allocation functions and uses gcry_free to release them.  The
> rationale for the own allocation fucntions is that they allow to
> distinguish between standard and secure memory.

I know. I've been using the standard malloc, thinking that gcry_free
falls back to the standard free
if not using secure memory. This is not the case so I have to write
alloc functions for libgcrypt using the api.

If that solves the issue or not I will report that.


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