Libgcrypt: How to implement ECIES encryption (ECC + AES)

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Mon Nov 12 13:24:01 CET 2018

Dear All,

I want to implement ECIES encryption. To do it, I have to 1) generate ECDH
secret key (the key agreement) and then 2) derive it using Key Derivation
Function 2 (KDF2).

1) For the key agreement, I need to generate a random number. Can you
indicate me the best way to generate this random number because in the
help, clause 9.2 Retrieving random numbers, I found 3 different methods and
I don't know which one is the best for my purpose?

2) Is it correct to use the function gcry_kdf_derive() with GCRY_KDF_PBKDF2
flag to do the Key Derivation Function 2?

3) Does the libgcrypt provides samples for ECIES encryption?

Many thanks in advance for your help,

Best regards,
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