[PATCH] Add elliptic curve SM2 implementation

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Tue Jan 21 06:28:55 CET 2020

Tianjia Zhang <tianjia.zhang at linux.alibaba.com> wrote:
> This new module implement the SM2 elliptic curve algorithm. It was
> published by State Encryption Management Bureau, China.

Thanks.  I applied:

	[PATCH 1/2] Add elliptic curve SM2 implementation.

For another one:

	[PATCH 2/2] tests: Add basic test cases for sm2

While I understand your intention of testing SM2 also for
encryption/decryption, the existing code is not good shape for that
(thus, EXACT_MATCH was there in your patch).  So, I only put tests for
ECDSA with the SM2 curve.

It's good if we have tests for GCRY_PK_ECC.  We should do that in

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