[PATCH 1/2] fips: Use ELF header to find .rodata1 section

Florian Weimer fweimer at redhat.com
Fri Feb 11 17:09:50 CET 2022

* Clemens Lang via Gcrypt-devel:

> diff --git a/src/fips.c b/src/fips.c
> index 193af36b..fabc5158 100644
> --- a/src/fips.c
> +++ b/src/fips.c
> @@ -592,7 +592,10 @@ run_random_selftests (void)
>  # endif
>  #define HMAC_LEN 32
> -static const unsigned char __attribute__ ((section (".rodata1")))
> +/* Compilers can and will constant-propagate this as 0 when reading if it is
> + * not declared volatile. Since this value will be changed using objcopy(1)
> + * after compilation, this can cause the HMAC verification to fail. */
> +static const volatile unsigned char __attribute__ ((section (".rodata1")))
>  hmac_for_the_implementation[HMAC_LEN];

volatile causes GCC to emit a writable section, and the link editor will
make .rodata1 (and typically .text) writable as a result.  This is a
fairly significant loss of security hardening.

This bug is relevant here:

  various services trigger { execmem } denials in FIPS mode 

> +/**
> + * Obtain the ElfN_Shdr.sh_offset value for the section with the given name in
> + * the ELF file opened as fp and return it in offset. Rewinds fp to the
> + * beginning on success.
> + */
>  static gpg_error_t
> -hmac256_check (const char *filename, const char *key, struct link_map *lm)
> +get_section_offset (FILE *fp, const char *section, unsigned long *offset)
> +{
> +  unsigned char e_ident[EI_NIDENT];
> +#if __WORDSIZE == 64
> +  Elf64_Ehdr ehdr;
> +  Elf64_Shdr shdr;

__WORDSIZE is an internal glibc macro, not to be used outside of glibc.
glibc's <link.h> defines ElfW as an official macro, and you could use
ElfW(Ehdr) and ElfW(Shdr) here.

The code looks at section headers.  These can be stripped.  Furthermore,
the .rodata1 section is not really reserved for application use.

I haven't reviewed Dmitry's OpenSSL changes (which I probably should
do), but I'd suggest to use the same approach. 8-)


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