[PATCH 1/5] aria: add x86_64 AESNI/GFNI/AVX/AVX2 accelerated implementations

Jussi Kivilinna jussi.kivilinna at iki.fi
Wed Feb 22 19:39:14 CET 2023

On 19.2.2023 10.49, Jussi Kivilinna wrote:
> * cipher/Makefile.am: Add 'aria-aesni-avx-amd64.S' and
> 'aria-aesni-avx2-amd64.S'.
> * cipher/aria-aesni-avx-amd64.S: New.
> * cipher/aria-aesni-avx2-amd64.S: New....

Pushed series to master with minor changes to CTR-mode handling:
  - Small optimization for CTR byte-addition code-path in AVX/AVX2
  - Added CTR byte-addition code-path for AVX512


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