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Lovro Orešković lovro at
Wed Apr 18 16:53:53 CEST 2018

Hi everybody,

So I had some problems building the gnuk code about a week ago, but that
sorted itself about about the moment I clicked send on the email I've sent
to the list :-)

Anyways, I said I should probably write a blog post about it, so that it
can help someone else if they have the same problem. I wanted to explain
how to do it with docker files supplied in the repo.
So I was writing the post and was trying it in parallel to make sure it
works. And I've found there is a problem if you try to start the docker
build but the configure command was not run before it will break. It is
happening because it si trying to run make clean before running configure.

I've attached two patches, one for the problem mentioned above and I've
added a build option to the docker makefile so you can execute " make
build/gnuk-vidpid.elf " inside the docker build.

I've also requested a merge request for the same changes on the salsa
debian gitlab.
How are contributions usually submitted?


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