NeuG on the STlink v2?

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Thu Aug 16 02:44:00 CEST 2018

Martijn <mrtijn at> wrote:
> I found this [0] blog post online describing the process to install Gnuk on
> the STlink v2, an in-circuit programmer/debugger for STM chips which also uses
> the STM32F103. Would it also be possible to compile and install NeuG in a
> similar fashion on an STlink v2?

Yes.  The hardware requirement of Gnuk and NeuG standalone device is
same;  MCU should be STM32F103 or GD32F103.  It only uses ADC and USB.
If it can run Gnuk, NeuG also can run.  For your board, you need clock
configuration (usually, 8MHz or 12MHz) and how to enable USB, and how to
control LED.

Well, there is one corner case.  While STM32F103 has 64KiB flash ROM
version, it actually has 128KiB, thus, you can install Gnuk on that.  A
version of GD32F103 seems to have only 64KiB, really.  On this MCU, you
can install NeuG (with no Fraucheky support), but you can't install

Please note that there are multiple products for ST-Link/V2 clone.
So, configuration may differ.

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