Gnuk with GCC >= 5

Bertrand Jacquin bertrand at
Sun Aug 26 03:08:48 CEST 2018


I recently made an update of my FST-01 to gnuk 1.2.10. The firmware was
built using gcc 7.3.0 and firmware loaded using
After the update, the USB key was not recognized. dmesg did not showing
the detection and the blue light did not blink as usual. Then I loaded
the firmware using a STlinkv2 and the same problem appeared. After doing
the same operation on a different host where the firmware was built
using gcc 4.9.4, the USB key was detected normally as usual. Trying to
understand the issue, I build the firmware with several version of gcc
and noticed that firmware built using gcc 5.9.4 was fine when firmwares
build with gcc 6.4.0 or 7.3.0 produced non functional firmwares. Then I
noticed a commit in master to fix a compile warning wit gcc 7.3.0,
applied it on top of gnuk 1.2.10 and ran the full iteration of tests as
mentioned before and did not see a change, all firmwares build with gcc
greater than 4.9.4 were not functional.

Is this a known issue ?


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