U2F and nRF52840

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Sun Dec 23 12:53:51 CET 2018


As I was kindly informed by Niibe Yutaka that he doesn't have time for
answering questions in private non-encrypted e-mail and that I should ask
here instead, so I'm going to ask here, I hope that's fine.

My first question was about U2F. As far as I could see, client certificate
TLS authentication isn't widespread enough, the biggest deployment probably
being Estonian ID card authentication which isn't private at all, this
leaves pretty much only U2F on the table if I want something a bit more
secure (than just TOTP), correct? A while ago Niibe wrote that U2F is not
worth (for him) to integrate into Gnuk, a year has passed, could the
assessment have changed? If not, how (in)compatible is the current code
with a possible U2F/UAF implementation?

Second question was about porting Gnuk to other MCUs, is there a guide
available somewhere? Or just some general architectural overview? I'd love
to get/make Gnuk run on nRF52840 (and possibly get some functionality run
over NFC/BT).

Yours sincerely
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