NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Tue Feb 6 02:09:44 CET 2018


At FOSDEM, from a friend, I learned this chip: GD32F103

It looks interesting.

It is composed by two dies; A die of serial Flash ROM, and a die of MCU
core.  Apparently, the flash ROM content is encrypted, but the method is
unknown (for me).  At least, the encryption can not be controlled by a
programmer who writes the firmware.  The ad says it uses "patented"
technology for the encryption, so, some information might be available,
possibly in Chinese.

I wonder if it is more difficult than STM32F103 against opening-the-chip

Well, it can run faster (up to 108MHz) and power consumption is lower.
These benefits themselves are worth to try.  And it's good if we have an

I would try this chip, if I will have an opportunity.  It seems that
36-pin QFN version is not yet available at aliexpress.

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