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Wed Feb 7 00:01:56 CET 2018


Thanks for information for GD32F103.  Let's see.

tomli at writes:
> I wonder if we can use a security coprocessor to make an attack more
> difficult, without really relying on the security coprocessor.

In general, I don't want such a feature in device side.  It could be a
honey-pot.  Or, it tends to be immature like ROCA problem.

To achieve same, it's far better done in host side.  In OpenPGP card V3
specification, I proposed KDF Data Object, so that host side can do more

In recent Gnuk, it is already implemented.  Host side implementation is
ready in GnuPG, just waiting next release.

> Finally, I remembered seeing a post about a possible future design of
> the FST-01 board, including drawing the USB traces on the PCB instead
> of using a external connector, and the possible shift to newer chips,
> but I cannot find the mail anymore. Can you send me a link?

Do you mean this?

I made prototype.  It found that the multiplier is too slow in
Cortex-M0+.  It would be OK for ECC though.

For FS-BB48, I designed 3D part:

In 2016, I was unable to find better way to manufacture something like
FS-GETA083.  At that time, using standard USB-A plug is more cheaper and

Thus, in 2016, my conclusion was update to FST-01G.


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