FST-01G distribution channel

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at fsij.org
Mon Jan 29 08:46:27 CET 2018

gnuforever <help at tuyizere.org> wrote:
> I am also looking forward the new FST-01 version.

I shipped FST-01G (w/ NeuG 1.0.7) to FSF shop for 2018, last week.  It
will be ready for Libre Planet 2018.

I will bring some of FST-01G to FOSDEM 2018.

Those two (FSF and me in person) are current distribution channels.

Well, while keeping the availability at Seeed was good, I have a
problem.  In the period of five years for 1000 pieces of FST-01, some
boards were gone as stock loss at Seeed, and some sales for boards were
gone somewhere.  (I mean, the amount was a bit bigger than I expected.)

While there has been an improvement at Seeed, I am not yet decided
if I will ask distribution of FST-01G at Seeed again.

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