[PATCH] Update script

Szczepan Zalega | Nitrokey szczepan at nitrokey.com
Tue Jul 17 16:55:09 CEST 2018

On 07/17/2018 09:06 AM, NIIBE Yutaka wrote:
> Perhaps, those scripts are not ready for that.  The situation is: I put
> a script in the repo, so that it's useful, it's a kind of... to show how
> it should work technically.
I see, like a tech-demo.

> If we will prepare such a tool to user, I think that it should be
> installed in the system.  At least, we should name a tool and/or define
> relevant methods to use that.
Yes. Such tool could be distributed and installed via Python's PIP.
Having all in Python would make it portable.

> Let us consider about that.  Well, I think that providing a command
> named "gnuk-tool" would be good, to have sub-commands which is
> implemented by each script.
So it would be something like:
'$ gnuk-tool update regnual.bin gnuk.bin'
I think this is a good idea. It should simplify device's management.

Assuming existing implementation could be adjusted, alternatively to
starting work directly on the final tool, we could incrementally work
towards the target with two stages: first to update each script
separately with a better UI, and later to compose a single tool from
this scripts' set to finally do a proper packagement.

Are there any other features you would see usable for the final tool,
besides existing scripts?

Best regards,

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