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Amos Sam amos at propellered.com
Fri Nov 23 23:19:18 CET 2018


Me again. I modified source to enable ACKBTN on ST-LINK on PA2 pin
on raising edge, and soldered switch to 3.3 source, and flashed it. Then
I cloned gnupg repo, and build it (didn't installed it).

When I run gpg --edit-card from repo, i get

UIF setting ......: Sign=off Decrypt=off Auth=off

So, firmware is correctly build and installed, and gpg is

gpg (GnuPG) 2.3.0-beta535

Then I go to admin mode, and input "uif 1 on", but I get

gpg/card> uif 1 on
gpg: error for setup UIF: Invalid name

Any help? Or, am I jumping in front of train?


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