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Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Thu Jan 3 19:51:00 CET 2019

On 2019-01-03, Peter Lebbing wrote:
> On 03/01/2019 02:29, Jeremy Drake wrote:
>> Anyone who wants to distribute binaries (or by extension hardware)
>> with different strings need only modify GNUK_USB_DEVICE_ID text file
>> at the root of the source tree, IIRC.
> Yes. Changing to a supported VID:PID is simply an argument to
> ./configure, this is checked for sanity (it's limited to the listed
> IDs), and is part of the regular build process. But also changing the
> associated strings requires editing GNUK_USB_DEVICE_ID in the source.
> This requires providing access to this modified source when you
> distribute. Other device strings would change as well: the revision
> string (USB string descriptor 4 currently) changes to
> "release/1.2.13-modified" or ""release/1.2.13-1-gabcdef0" (git commit
> object) instead of "release/1.2.13". And just like this change is not
> immediately evident, there might be more I'm not realizing.
> The actual change to the file is small. But it has implications.
> So that's why I think the better way to solve this if we were to suggest
> using different strings for a VID:PID, would be to change the code such
> that alternatives can be selected through ./configure.

I'd also like to put out a wishlist request that it be possible to build
with a NULL/default VID:PID and other configurable strings
(GNUK_USB_DEVICE_ID) of a generated GnuK binary, so that distributions
such as Debian could ship a built GnuK image that user's can then
install on their device, injecting the appropriate VID:PID and perhaps
other settings while flashing to the device with a script of some kind.

A few benefits of this approach off the top of my head:

- Users uncomfortable with compiling software wouldn't have to
- Reproducibile Builds testing could demonstrate integrity of the source
  to binary
- Packages in Debian can have various QA tests done automatically

live well,
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