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Vagrant Cascadian vagrant at debian.org
Thu Jan 3 20:54:16 CET 2019

On 2019-01-03, Jeremy Drake wrote:
>> I'd also like to put out a wishlist request that it be possible to build
>> with a NULL/default VID:PID and other configurable strings
>> (GNUK_USB_DEVICE_ID) of a generated GnuK binary, so that distributions
>> such as Debian could ship a built GnuK image that user's can then
>> install on their device, injecting the appropriate VID:PID and perhaps
>> other settings while flashing to the device with a script of some kind.
> This has already been done for the VID:PID.
> * Major changes in Gnuk 1.2.8
>    Released 2018-01-23, by NIIBE Yutaka
> ** No inclusion of VID:PID in gnuk.elf
> Distribution of binary image with VID:PID would violate vendor ID
> agreement to USB Forum.  Now, we have new file named gnuk-vidpid.elf
> for flashing.  The file gnuk.elf can be used to generate
> gnuk-vidpid.elf and we can check if it is reproducible or not.
> * Major changes in Gnuk 1.2.10
>    Released 2018-05-10, by NIIBE Yutaka
> ** No inclusion of VID:PID in gnuk-no-vidpid.elf
> Now, we have new file named gnuk-no-vidpid.elf with no VID:PID.  The
> file gnuk.elf has the VID:PID, like version 1.2.7 or older.

Yes, at least that appears to be partly done...

How do you take gnuk-no-vidpid.elf and turn it into something usable
with a VID:PID? Is there a script you can use to inject the VID:PID? Are
you expected to take a hex editor to it?

As far as I can tell, the way to produce an image with VID:PID included
still requires the GnuK source to build the flashable image?  Maybe it's
just my lack of understanding (admittedly very rough), or a
documentation issue...

live well,
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