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I'm now in Brussels, after visiting Hong Kong.  I now have FST-01SZ!

Last year, when I sent a talk proposal to FOSDEM, I was not sure if the
product would be available or not.  Happily, here is the one.

FST-01SZ consists of two parts:

* Board with GD32F103TB
* Metal shell

The board is in the shell, but a user can examine the board by pulling
the board from the shell.  And he can put his own firmware through SWD
port.  It is a user who put the board and bend two nails.

Next, he can put the board in the shell into another enclosure (it's an

In the photo, you can find a metal enclosure with a little hole.  The
hole is for LED light.  There are many type of enclosures (plastic,
metal, wood, etc.) in China, since the form factor of the metal shell is
a kind of de-facto standard.  When we can buy many (like >= 1000), we
can ask customization like putting logo.

Putting the metal shell to this metal case is one-way procedure.  It is
not (easily) possible to pull the board out again.  This can be
considered "feature", in terms of tamper resistance.

I wish you happy forthcoming FOSDEM and Chinese New Year.
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