First Public Demonstration of STM32 Flash Readout Attack by Voltage Glitching

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Sat Feb 1 09:42:23 CET 2020

Tom Li wrote:
> Today, I read in the news that the first public demonstration of such an
> attack has been published by a group of security researchers. The targets
> of the attack were STM32F205 and STM32F427 in order to attack the Trezor
> Bitcoin wallet, but presumably it also applies to other STM32 series as well.
> [1]

Thanks for sharing important information.

I guess that such a technique could be also applied to GD32F103 or even

Well, it is matter of how it's difficult (how much cost) to extract data
from the chip, and/or, how long it takes time.

Tom, I wish your situation is not that worse by 2019-nCoV.  After the
outbreak will be settle down, it's good if we can meet again. :-)

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