Gnuk 1.2.15

NIIBE Yutaka gniibe at
Fri Jan 24 09:17:54 CET 2020


Gnuk 1.2.15 is released.

	tag release/1.2.15
	Tagger: NIIBE Yutaka <gniibe at>
	Date:   Fri Jan 24 15:39:31 2020 +0900
	commit 49f25449185ba75c60e4a04a285bbb814c50e53e

Firmware wise, only update of Chopstx by 1.18.  Tests are updated
to support testing with OpenPGP card.  Tools are patched to run with

In 2020, I'm going to remove old features (like RSA and classic ECC)
from master, and I'd like to support modern ECC only.

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