How to use multiple Gnuk Token on the same PC

Frédéric SUEL frederic.suel at
Sun Jul 26 15:35:05 CEST 2020

Hello !

I'm trying to use two Gnuk Token on the same PC. But, it seems that
Gpg/Enigmail show only the last plug.

I have two Gnuk token with two different identities ( A & B) because I
don't want to have them on the same keys for personal reason/use.

I plugged them both on Linux (A first then B) and I try to send a cipher
mail from A to B : it worked

I try to encipher mail received by B and it worked.

I made the other side : from B to A. When i try to encipher mail for A,
Gpg/Enigmail asked me for token A also it was plugged. I unplugged token
B ans it worked !

It seems that it's impossible to use multiple Gnuk Token on the same PC
at the same time.

Is there a solution ? Is it planned ? It would be great because there is
a lot of security use-cases for that :

-- one token by mail identity : personal, professional,pseudo ..;

-- one token for mail and one for encrypt HDD or session ;

-- one token for mail, one for SSH ;

-- etc..

Best regards

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