pgpgpg 0.12 released

Michael Roth mroth at
Wed Jun 2 11:39:58 CEST 1999

                               pgpgpg 0.12

      Pgpgpg is a wrapper arround Gnu Privacy Guard which takes PGP 2.6
      command  line  options,  translate  them and then call GnuPG (Gnu
      Privacy Guard) to perform the desired action.
      With  pgpgpg most scripts and applications written to use PGP 2.6
      should  normally  work  with  GnuPG  too.  By  using pgpgpg these
      applications  also  benefits from the fact that GnuPG doesn't use
      the patented and non free RSA nur IDEA algorithmn.
      This release fixes a bug in command line parsing for FreeBSD (and
      possibly other systems as well). This release should be useable 
      with XFMail (checking multipart/signed doesn't work well yet, and 
      will block XFMail) and partly with mutt (not yet suitable for 
      daily use.)

      Pgpgpg Homepage
      Alternate download

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