Privacy Guard Glue, snapshot 19990628

Michael Roth mroth at
Tue Jun 29 01:12:52 CEST 1999

        Privacy Guard Glue (PGG) Snapshot 19990628 Released

PGG (Privacy Guard Glue) is a well-designed library written in C to
add GnuPG support to applications.

PGG uses GnuPG (Gnu Privacy Guard) with its coprocessing interface as
the workhorse. 

PGG is free software and includes the complete source code. It is
protected under the Gnu General Public License.

PGG was designed to provided an easy to use and robust interface for
GnuPG. PGG totally hides the complicated and error prone coprocessing
interface of GnuPG and frees the caller of all GnuPG specific tasks
and implementation details.

PGG consists of fine grained objects and functions with clearly 
seperated domains. By combining these objects it becomes easy to
perform a desired task.

PGG uses an improved error framework to report errors precisly to the

PGG comes with a testsuite to check proper behaviour of the compiled

PGG is easy to learn and use, with consistent naming of functions and
data structures. PGG comes with examples to show how to use PGG for
different tasks.

PGG can be downloaded from or (after a
short delay) via anonymous FTP from

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