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On Jun 26, 12:44pm, Werner Koch wrote:
> just want to tell you that Jason Gunthorpe wrote a GnuPG module
> which uses RSAREF to implement RSA.  The source is now available in
> the contrib directory of the GnuPG FTP servers (but not the RSAREF library).
> The original source is at:

I found that I had to move the inclusion of rsaref.h to be before the
inclusion of rsa.h.  I reported that to Jason but he hasn't made the change

> And RSAREF is available here:

That is the original RSAREF (slightly modified for PGP 2.6.2).  RSAREF 2.0
has a more liberal license for use for non-revenue generating purposes by
corporations and is available at

I have successfully used Jason's extension with GnuPG 0.9.7 and RSAREF 2.0.

- Dave Dykstra

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