One of the last betas

Werner Koch wk at
Wed Aug 4 11:35:40 CEST 1999


I have just released version 0.9.10 of the GNU Privacy Guard.  Please get
it from the usual place or from on of the mirrors (see the list at the
end):  (1221k)

or a diff to 0.9.9:  (94k)

$ md5sum gnupg-0.9.10.tar.gz
2a1e20dc763d600f86e6bc2da7c40780  gnupg-0.9.10.tar.gz

There is nothing really new in this release, but it will be the last
for this month - and I hope one of the last betas as I will release
1.0 in early September.  There might be still some problems in 1.0 but
it works really stable and therefore it is of use.  Immediatley after
1.0 we will fork it and start working on 1.1.

I'd appreciate when the folks who are doing the translations can update
their translations in the next three weeks.  Bug reports (but please
only realy bugs for now) should go to the developers mailing list
<gnupg-devel at> as I will not be able to process them in the
next weeks.

Here is a list of sites mirroring
Please use them if you can; new releases should show up on these
servers within a day.




    Hungary	(weekly)





    United Kingdom

Have fun,


Werner Koch at            keyid 621CC013

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