GnuPG 1.0 released

Werner Koch wk at
Tue Sep 7 20:01:00 CEST 1999

Hello folks,

after about 9 months of Beta testing, I am now glad to tell you that I
released the

                 GNU Privacy Guard  1.0

a few minutes ago.  As usual it should build right out of the box on
all GNU/Linux systems and most other Unices too.

Get it from the FTP server or from one of the mirrors:  (1332k)

Do not forget to verify the signature or the MD5 checksum, which is:

  bba45febd501acf8e19db402506dae94  gnupg-1.0.0.tar.gz

You can also download a patch file:  (140k)

This version is intended as a stable production version and we will
only apply bug fixes and small enhancements to it.  We will soon set
up a development version 1.1 to play a little bit with the code ;-)

The GNU Privacy Guard has been created by the GnuPG team:

Matthew Skala, Michael Roth, Niklas Hernaeus, Rémi Guyomarch
and Werner Koch.  Gael Queri, Gregory Steuck, Janusz A. Urbanowicz,
Marco d'Itri, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Urko Lusa and Walter Koch
did the official translations.	Mike Ashley is working on the
GNU Privacy Handbook.

The following people helped greatly by suggesting improvements,
testing, fixing bugs, providing resources and doing other important
tasks:	Allan Clark, Anand Kumria, Ariel T Glenn, Bodo Moeller,
Bryan Fullerton, Brian Moore, Brian Warner, Caskey L. Dickson,
Cees van de Griend, Charles Levert, Christian von Roques,
Christopher Oliver, Christian Recktenwald, Daniel Eisenbud,
Daniel Koenig, David Ellement, Detlef Lannert, Dirk Lattermann,
Ed Boraas, Enzo Michelangeli, Ernst Molitor, Fabio Coatti,
Felix von Leitner, Frank Heckenbach, Frank Stajano, Gaël Quéri,
Greg Louis, Greg Troxel, Gregory Steuck, Geoff Keating, Harald Denker,
Hendrik Buschkamp, Holger Schurig, Hugh Daniel, Ian McKellar,
Janusz A. Urbanowicz, James Troup, Jean-loup Gailly, Jens Bachem,
Joachim Backes, John A. Martin, Johnny Teveßen, Jörg Schilling,
Jun Kuriyama, Karl Fogel, Karsten Thygesen, Katsuhiro Kondou,
Kazu Yamamoto, Lars Kellogg-Stedman, Marco d'Itri, Mark Adler,
Mark Elbrecht, Markus Friedl, Martin Kahlert, Martin Hamilton,
Martin Schulte, Matthew Skala, Max Valianskiy, Michael Roth,
Michael Sobolev, Nicolas Graner, NIIBE Yutaka, Niklas Hernaeus,
Nimrod Zimerman, N J Doye, Oliver Haakert, Oskari Jääskeläinen,
Paul D. Smith, Philippe Laliberte, Peter Gutmann, QingLong,
Ralph Gillen, Rat, Reinhard Wobst, Rémi Guyomarch, Reuben Sumner,
Roland Rosenfeld, Ross Golder, Serge Munhoven, SL Baur, Stefan Karrmann,
Stefan Keller, Steffen Ullrich, Steffen Zahn, Steven Bakker,
Susanne Schultz, Thiago Jung Bauermann, Thomas Roessler, Tom Spindler,
Tom Zerucha, Tomas Fasth, Thomas Mikkelsen, Ulf Möller, Urko Lusa,
Walter Koch, Wim Vandeputte and Gerlinde Klaes.

This software has been made possible by the previous work of
Chris Wedgwood, Jean-loup Gailly, Jon Callas, Mark Adler, Martin Hellmann
Paul Kendall, Philip R. Zimmermann, Peter Gutmann, Philip A. Nelson,
Taher ElGamal, Torbjorn Granlund, Whitfield Diffie, some unknown NSA
mathematicians and all the folks who have worked hard to create complete
and free operating systems.



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