Seahorse 0.4.0 Released

Anthony Mulcahy anthony at
Wed Apr 12 18:06:15 CEST 2000


I would like to announce the release of Seahorse 0.4.0, a Gnome GUI
for GnuPG.

This is the first release since Seahorse moved to SourceForge's 
CVS and it has a lot of changes:
 * Danish, Finnish and German translations
 * Command line options
 * Caching of the public and secret keyrings to speed up the 
 * Improvements to the GUI
 * Gnome Help support
 * Improvements to the key manager including support for editing
   the owner trust value.

The command line options enable integration of Seahorse with email 
software and the distribution includes an example file showing how
to use Seahorse with Mutt. This still needs to be improved so I 
would like to hear any comments you might have and I would really
like to know if anybody succeeds in using Seahorse with any other 

Tarballs, Debian packages and rpms can be downloaded from



Anthony Mulcahy <anthony at> GPG Key ID 61CA8871
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