New test release 1.0.2c

Werner Koch wk at
Thu Sep 14 18:25:30 CEST 2000


a new test release of the forthcoming version 1.0.3 has hit the
primary server and should be available on the mirrors tomorrow: (1649k) (81k)
$ md5sum gnupg-*1.0.2c.*.gz
8ad54e0b759399fdaedfa84bce6d267e  gnupg-1.0.2b-1.0.2c.diff.gz
e255e359482c33061ea5c54dfa781ec8  gnupg-1.0.2c.tar.gz

Changes between 1.0.2 and 1.0.2c :

    * Fixed problems with piping to/from other MS-Windows software

    * Expiration time of the primary key can be changed again.

    * Revoked user IDs are now marked in the output of --list-key

    * New options --show-session-key and --override-session-key
      to help the British folks to somewhat minimize the danger
      of this Orwellian RIP bill.

    * New options --merge-only and --try-all-secrets.

    * New configuration option --with-egd-socket.

    * The --trusted-key option is back after it left us with 0.9.5
    * RSA is supported. Key generation does not yet work but will come
    * CAST5 and SHA-1 are now the default algorithms to protect the key
      and for symmetric-only encryption. This should solve a couple
      of compatibility problems because the old algorithms are optional
      according to RFC2440
And hopefully more bug fixes than new ones.

If this works okay, 1.0.3 will be released early next week.  In the
future I will mainly work on 1.1 to have some progress tehre.  The
RSA v4 support in 1.0.x is just a hack because supporting the key flags
is too complicated to add to the 1.0 series.



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