[Announce] GnuPG lists moved

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Jan 24 16:18:03 CET 2001


The mailing lists hosted under gnupg.org have been moved to a new
server and the ML software has changed too.  The MLs are now run by
Mailman and can be controlled with a nice Web interface.  The move
was necessary because I have now only limited access to the old
server which is located in the company I used to work for.

There is not much which changes for you except that you need a
password to unsubscribe.  Currently you don't know this password, so
you have to visit the webpage


select the desired list, enter your email address and then you will
be given an option to mail the password back to you.  
Using the same webinterface you can control several options of your

You may need new filter rules; e.g. for Procmail:
  * ^List-Id:.*<gnupg-users\.gnupg\.org>

A few very silent lists have been dropped and the search facility is
not yet back.  The old anti-spam filter has not yet been migrated
but because I can now use my own mail setup, it should be somewhat
better anyway.



You might have to wait some time until the DNS catches up on the
changed address of lists.gnupg.org.

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