[Announce] new gnupg snapshot

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Fri Apr 6 12:20:01 CEST 2001


I have just released a new snapshot of GnuPG with version 1.0.4g.
Please note that this is a development version and may contain
severe bugs. However, I believe it is already pretty stable.  This
should be one of the last snapshots before the release of 1.0.5
which I expect to happen within this month.

So, if you want to try it out, wait a day and get it from one of the
mirrors (http://www.gnupg.org/mirrors.html) or get it know at

ftp://ftp/gnupg.org/gcrypt/devel/gnupg-1.0.4g.tar.gz  (1.8M)

or as a patch file against the previous snapshot:

ftp://ftp/gnupg.org/gcrypt/devel/gnupg-1.0.4f-1.0.4g.diff.gz (80k)

MD5 checksums are:

a8072de04dbe4306829c69f0d3abba9b  gnupg-1.0.4g.tar.gz

02564d89a3b18ff217936136a5d6f793  gnupg-1.0.4f-1.0.4g.diff.gz

Here is a list of important changes since 1.0.4:

 * WARNING: The semantics of --verify have changed to address a problem
   with detached signature detection. --verify now ignores signed material
   given on stdin unless this is requested by using a "-" as the name for
   the file with the signed material.  
   !  Please check all your detached signature handling applications   !
   !  and make sure that they don't pipe the signed material to stdin  !
   !  without using a filename and "-" on the the command line.        !

 * Secret keys are no longer imported unless you use the new option

 * There is now a notation of a primary user ID.  For example this one is 
   printed with a signature verifaction as the first user ID, revoked user
   IDs are not printed there anymore.  I general the primary user ID is the
   one with the latest self-signature.

 * The verification status of self-signatures are now cached. To increase
   the speed of key list operations for existing keys you can do the
   following in yout GnuPG homedir (~/.gnupg): 
     $ cp pubring.gpg pubring.gpg.save
     $ gpg --export-all >x
     $ rm pubring.gpg
     $ gpg --import x
   Note, that only v4 keys (i.e no old RSA keys) benefit from this caching.

 * Support for the gpg-agent from gpg 1.1 and other changes needed by

 * Better LFS support.

 * New option --ignore-crc-error

 * Keyserver support for the W32 version.

 * Corrected hash calculation for some inputs greater than 512M - it
   was just wrong, so you might notice bad signature in some very
   big files.  It may be wise to keep an old copy of GnuPG around.

Have fun and please report bugs to gnupg-devel at gnupg.org.



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