[Announce] Gpg4win 1.0.5 released (security fix)

Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Wed Aug 2 10:08:56 CEST 2006


We are pleased to announce the availibility of Gpg4win, version 1.0.5.

* This version contains a security fix for the GnuPG component.
  *Updating to this version is strongly recommended*.

* Please also make sure to subscribe to the new gpg4win announcement
  mailing list.  We might stop in the future to cross post
  announcements to the general GnuPG annoucement list.  See:

About Gpg4win

The Gpg4win project aims at updating the Gpg4win Windows installation
package with GnuPG encryption tool, associated applications and
documentation on a regular basis.  Especially the documentation
(handbooks "Einsteiger" and "Durchblicker") are directly maintained as
part of the gpg4win project.

It is an international project. Due to the origin of the project the
German language is fully supported.  As of now the the handbooks are
only available in German.  People helping with translations are very

The main difference compared to all other similar approaches (mainly
GnuPP, GnuPT, Windows Privacy Tools and GnuPG-Basics) is that the
first thing developed was the *gpg4win-Builder*. This builder allows
to easily create new gpg4win.exe installers with updated components.

The builder runs on any decent Unix system, preferable Debian
GNU/Linux.  Almost all products are automatically cross-compiled for
integration into the installer.

With this concept it is hoped to *prevent quick aging of the*
*installer package*. This is due to easier updating and less
dependancy on single developers.

Noteworthy changes in version 1.0.5 (2006-08-02)

 * Fixed another security related bug in GnuPG.

 * Included components are:
        GnuPG: 1.4.5 [*]
        WinPT: 0.12.3
        GPA:   0.7.4
        GPGol: 0.9.10
        GPGee: 1.3.1
        Sylpheed-Claws: 2.3.1
        Einsteiger:     2.0.2
        Durchblicker:   2.0.2
   (Marked packages are updated since the last release) 


For installation instructions, please visit http://www.gpg4win.org or
read on.

Developers who want to *build an installer* need to get the following
files from http://wald.intevation.org/projects/gpg4win/ :

  gpg4win-1.0.5.tar.bz2 (3.9M)

The second file is a digital signature of the the first file.  Either
check that this signature is fine or compare with the checksums given
below.  (see also http://www.gnupg.org/download/integrity_check.html)

The *ready to use installer* is available at:

  http://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-1.0.5.exe  (6.2M)

Or using the ftp protocol at:

  ftp://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win/gpg4win-1.0.5.exe  (6.2M)

SHA1 and MD5 checksums for these files are given below.

If you don't need the German PDF manuals, you might alternatively
download the "light" version of the installer:

  http://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win-light-1.0.5.exe  (4.6M)

or using the ftp protocol at:

  ftp://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win/gpg4win-1.0.5.exe  (4.6M)

A separate installer with the the sources used to build the above
installer is available at:

  ftp://ftp.gpg4win.org/gpg4win/gpg4win-src-1.0.5.exe  (41M)

Most people don't need this source installer; it is merely stored on
that server to satisfy the conditions of the GPL.  In general it is
better to get the gpg4win builder tarball (see above) and follow the
instructions in the README to build new installers; building the
installer is not possible on Windows machines and works best on
current Debian GNU/Linux systems (we use the mingw32 package from

SHA1 checksums are:

2f33cc305fec2a054d0669e559b8c802db1da105  gpg4win-1.0.5.tar.bz2
a72ea3747dcf789c27f98565cd95d5ffd467000a  gpg4win-1.0.5.exe
138a7ba8efeb70552594df1c81839ae70fda291e  gpg4win-light-1.0.5.exe
1e03125a5a8c3984b4fe2bc4b99d89d2aaf5f4de  gpg4win-src-1.0.5.exe

MD5 checksums are:

1d9df4916d53d1568e1207a0000be145  gpg4win-1.0.5.tar.bz2
2dd762f4284fc69643d280f41da7a1a0  gpg4win-1.0.5.exe
e32f8ca4707a5c98fcd998c534e2938d  gpg4win-light-1.0.5.exe
4a187db7c3d94dfd6b6fc55b0c586f4c  gpg4win-src-1.0.5.exe

We like to thank the authors of the included packages, the NSIS
authors, all other contributors and first of all, those folks who
stayed with us and tested the early releases of gpg4win.

Happy hacking,

  Jan, Marcus, Timo and Werner

Werner Koch                                      <wk at gnupg.org>
The GnuPG Experts                                http://g10code.com
Join the Fellowship and protect your Freedom!    http://www.fsfe.org
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