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Werner Koch wk at gnupg.org
Mon Jul 11 12:11:17 CEST 2016


Seven week ago the GUUG published a call for presentations for the first
public conference on the OpenPGP protocol, taking place in Cologne on
September 8+9.  Meanwhile the program committee selected the talks and
published the schedule at


I'd be pleased to see many of you there to discuss topics around
OpenPGP.  Registration recently opened; see


Here is a brief overview on the program; see the web page for more:

Thursday, September 8th:

 09:30 A Simple Solution to Key Discovery / Werner Koch
 10:15 Transparent Key Management at LEAP / meskio

 11:00 Coffee break 	

 11:30 The Mathematical Mesh: Management of Keys / Phillip Hallam-Baker
 12:15 OpenPGP.js and the Mailvelope Key Server  / Tankred Hase

 13:00 Lunch 	

 14:30 Building a Vision for GnuPG / Bernhard Reiter
 15:15 NEXTLEAP and Automatic E2E emails / Holger Krekel

 16:00 Coffee break 	

 16:30 A few concerns regarding PGP, new directions / Stefan 'stf' Marsiske
 17:15 History of OpenPGP / Lutz Donnerhacke

 18:00 Key signing 	
 18:30 Social event 	

Friday, September 9th:

 09:30 Automated use of GnuPG through GPGME / Andre Heinecke
 10:15 Gnuk 1.2 / Niibe Yutaka

 11:00 Coffee break 	

 11:30 OpenKeychain UX Decisions / Dominik S. and Vincent B.
 12:15 Bypass Pinentry for good via ... / Seiya Kawashima

 13:00 Lunch 	

 14:30 An analysis of OpenPGP key usage / Sven Braun
 15:15 GnuPG in Debian / Daniel Kahn Gillmor

 16:00 Coffee break 	

 16:30 Closing Event 	

Thanks to all who submitted their talk proposals.



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Die Gedanken sind frei.  Ausnahmen regelt ein Bundesgesetz.
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