werner committed to gpgme/gpgme

cvs@cvs.gnupg.org cvs@cvs.gnupg.org
Fri, 03 May 2002 20:20:06 +0200

Date:	Friday May 3, 2002 @ 20:20
Author:	werner

Update of /cvs/gnupg/gpgme/gpgme
In directory trithemius:/tmp/cvs-serv1178

Modified Files:
	ChangeLog data.c engine-gpgsm.c gpgme.c gpgme.h verify.c 
Log Message:
* engine-gpgsm.c (_gpgme_gpgsm_new): Redirect any gpgsm error
output to /dev/null.

* verify.c (gpgme_get_sig_key): Set the protocol of the listctx.
* gpgme.c (gpgme_get_protocol): New.

* data.c (gpgme_data_write): Changed type of BUFFER to void*.
(gpgme_data_read): Ditto.

* verify.c (_gpgme_verify_status_handler): Handle TRUST_* status
lines so that a claim can be made without looking up the key.
(gpgme_get_sig_string_attr): New. 
(gpgme_get_sig_ulong_attr): New.

* gpgme.h (GpgmeAttr): Added GPGME_ATTR_SIG_STATUS.

* gpgme.h (GpgmeSigStat): Add _GOOD_EXP and _GOOD_EXPKEY.
* verify.c (_gpgme_verify_status_handler, finish_sig): Handle
these new status codes.  Store the expiration time 

File: ChangeLog        	Status: Up-to-date
File: data.c           	Status: Up-to-date
File: engine-gpgsm.c   	Status: Up-to-date
File: gpgme.c          	Status: Up-to-date
File: gpgme.h          	Status: Up-to-date
File: verify.c         	Status: Up-to-date