dshaw committed to gnupg/g10

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Sat, 04 May 2002 02:39:15 +0200

Date:	Saturday May 4, 2002 @ 2:39
Author:	dshaw

Update of /cvs/gnupg/gnupg/g10
In directory trithemius:/tmp/cvs-serv441

Modified Files:
      Tag: STABLE-BRANCH-1-0
	ChangeLog exec.c exec.h keyserver.c misc.c photoid.c 
Log Message:
* photoid.c: Provide default image viewer for Win32.

* misc.c (pct_expando): %t means extension, not name ("jpg", not "jpeg").

* keyserver.c (keyserver_spawn), photoid.c (show_photos), exec.h, exec.c:
Allow the caller to determine the temp file extension when starting an
exec_write and change all callers.

File: ChangeLog        	Status: Up-to-date
File: exec.c           	Status: Up-to-date
File: exec.h           	Status: Up-to-date
File: keyserver.c      	Status: Up-to-date
File: misc.c           	Status: Up-to-date
File: photoid.c        	Status: Up-to-date