marcus committed to gpgme/doc
Thu, 09 May 2002 05:38:11 +0200

Date:	Thursday May 9, 2002 @ 5:38
Author:	marcus

Update of /cvs/gnupg/gpgme/doc
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Modified Files:
	ChangeLog gpgme.texi 
Log Message:
2002-05-09  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

	* gpgme.texi (Overview): Replace note about thread-safeness.
	(Multi Threading): New section.

2002-05-08  Marcus Brinkmann  <>

	* w32-util.c: New static variable GET_PATH_LOCK.
	(_gpgme_get_gpg_path): Remove superfluous NULL initializer.
	Take lock while determining path.
	(_gpgme_get_gpgsm_path): Likewise.
	* version.c (do_subsystem_inits): Set DONE to 1 after
	(gpgme_get_engine_info): New variable ENGINE_INFO_LOCK.  Take lock
	while determining engine info.
	* rungpg.c (_gpgme_gpg_get_version): New variable
	GPG_VERSION_LOCK.  Take the lock while determining the program
	* posix-io.c: Include "sema.h".
	(_gpgme_io_spawn): New variable FIXED_SIGNALS_LOCK.  Take the lock
	while fixing the signals.
	(_gpgme_io_select): Make READFDS and WRITEFDS non-static.
	* key.c: Include "sema.h".  New globals KEY_CACHE_LOCK and
	(capabilities_to_string): Make STRINGS very const.
	(_gpgme_key_cache_add): Lock the key cache.
	(_gpgme_key_cache_get): Likewise.
	(gpgme_key_ref, gpgme_key_release): Lock the key_ref_lock.
	* import.c (append_xml_impinfo): Make IMPORTED_FIELDS and
	IMPORT_RES_FIELDS very const.  Make FIELD and FIELD_NAME a litle
	* engine.c (_gpgme_engine_get_info): New variable
	ENGINE_INFO_LOCK.  Take lock while determining engine info.
	* engine-gpgsm.c: Include "sema.h".
	(_gpgme_gpgsm_get_version): New variable GPGSM_VERSION_LOCK.  Take
	lock while getting program version.

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