werner committed to libgcrypt/mpi

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Wed, 15 May 2002 14:53:02 +0200

Date:	Wednesday May 15, 2002 @ 14:53
Author:	werner

Update of /cvs/gnupg/libgcrypt/mpi
In directory trithemius:/tmp/cvs-serv8000

Modified Files:
	ChangeLog Makefile.am config.links 
Log Message:
* config.links: Chnage the way the mpi modules are determined.
* Makefile.am: Revamped to better handle modules

* configure.ac: Adjusted for new MPI module stuff.

File: ChangeLog        	Status: Up-to-date
File: Makefile.am      	Status: Up-to-date
File: config.links     	Status: Up-to-date